Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weigh It Forward

When I originally thought of the concept of creating my Jen's 40 by 40 blog, my single intent was to provide a venue that would hold me publicly accountable to stick to my diet. At the time, I couldn't think of any other way to motivate myself. Turns out, I was right. And now I'm only five pounds away from my 40-pound weight loss goal.

But what has proven to be the most surprising part of my blubber battle on the blogosphere is how many other people it has motivated to battle their own bulge.

I received quite a surprise last week when my friend Katie, who had just celebrated her 30th birthday, posted her own blog link to my Facebook page. I originally turned to Katie, who lives in Portland, when I first thought of starting my blog back in February. She had been blogging for a while at that time, and was able to give me some pointers on getting my own blog started. She's been a faithful follower of my efforts, and has been one of my greatest cheerleaders.

Her blog post for last week was entitled "30 by 30." Inspired by my own effort, she decided to begin following Weight Watchers and started her own exercise program. By her 30th birthday (she makes me feel so old), she had been successful in losing 32 pounds! It was amazing to see her before and after picture and it literally made my day.

But then it got better. I posted her blog link on my own Facebook page. And my friend Patricia commented that she's hoping to have a similar story to share by her December 31st birthday. Turns out Patricia, who also followed my lead and enrolled in Weight Watchers, has already lost four inches off of her waist and is down a pant size. Way to go Patricia!

Then a colleague of mine, Kay, commented on my Facebook page, "She's not the only one who was inspired by your efforts. Your blog was very instrumental in my getting on the weight control bandwagon." Kay, by the way, is looking fabulous and just has this great glow about her now.

And then, another colleague of Kay's and mine chimed in saying that both Kay and I have motivated her to get healthier.

In addition to these fabulous women, my sister-in-law, Cheryl, who began going to Weight Watchers and hiking regularly after following my 40 by 40 efforts, recently e-mailed me to let me know she has lost 18 pounds!

It occurred to me that, much like the movie "Pay it Forward," I had started my own "Weigh it Forward" effort.  It's been quite an unexpected outcome, and I guess that's why it feels so good. Almost as good as fitting into a Size 8 again.

And I have not doubt that Katie, Patricia, Kay and Cheryl will also inspire others and "Weigh it Forward" themselves. Way to go ladies, and keep up the great work! You're all helping to keep me motivated to shake these final five pounds.

Here's this week's picture:

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  1. You look wonderful! It's always a tough road, but you should be proud! What a nice inspiration to your friends... I think it's time to update your profile pic. (heheee)

  2. Thank you so much for the shout-out, and even more for setting such a great example for the rest of us. You have done an amazing job on the way to reaching your goal, and I have no doubt you are going to reach it! Another best thing about this whole process? Getting to fit into clothes at the back of your closet that you thought you were never going to squeeze into again. I hope you kept stuff around to zip up again and flaunt. Go Jen!

  3. Debi -- Yes, I know, I was thinking about changing that photo....I think you're right!

    Katie -- Yes, in fact I'm wearing today a skirt that I wore to my bridal shower, which was 14 years ago!!!! Feelin' good:-)