Thursday, April 29, 2010

Throw Me a Bone, Will Ya?!

As I write this, my children are enjoying Easter candy. My 9-year-old, Will, chose the large Hershey's Kiss, while my daughter Piper is enjoying spring colored M&M's. I excused myself to get a head start on my blog so I don't have to sit at the dinner table watching them lick the melted chocolate off their fingers.

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm in a bit of a funk. I gained a pound this week, after another week of really disciplined eating. I drank water instead of Diet Soda. I worked out four days a week at the gym -- for the second week in a row. My only significant cheat day (for which I saved my weekly bonus points) was on Saturday, at our friend Patty's 60th birthday party. Patty and her family are known for throwing parties with amazing food. I knew I was in trouble going into it. And the Mariachi Band sealed the deal. How can you listen to a Mariachi Band and not eat nachos and tamales, and drink Sangria?

But the rest of the week I was great! I drank my water. I stayed within my daily Weight Watchers points. I even special ordered my fish without the sauce at a work function on Friday night.

I worked out at the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, despite my now TWO aching knees. I am even one of the very few women at the gym who braves the downstairs weight room, which is typically where you'll find the beefy, tank-top-wearing, tattooed men working out to blaring rock music just before they go across the hall to bronze themselves in the tanning beds. And if you're really lucky, like I was tonight, you'll get to endure one of these beefcakes grunting with each bench press. Even Pink on my iPod couldn't drown out the sound.

Nonetheless, four times each week following my 35-minute workout on the elliptical trainer, you'll find me in the dudes' weight room leg pressing 110 pounds. No grunting.

And after all that, I gained a pound this week. GAINED a pound! And please don't tell me that muscle weighs more than fat. I know that it does. But it still doesn't help when you're staring down to read 1-7-0 on your scale each morning. 

With the up a pound, down a pound weight loss over the last couple of weeks, I'm back at a total 12 pound weight loss, on my way to losing 40 pounds by my 40th birthday.  Here's this week's pic.  Not the most flattering given that it was post workout.

Oh metabolism gods, I'm begging you to please throw me a bone this week!


  1. I'm sorry, that is sooo discouraging, but don't give up! When I lost weight, I would lose in in 3-5 pounds increments. Nothing lost for a few weeks and then BAM about 5 lbs at once! So hang in there! It'll happen, your doing everything right! And- it is sooo worth it!!

  2. Maybe it's like in Mean Girls, where she says that first you bloat (from all the water), then you drop ten pounds like THAT! See, your body was so used to the sodium-filled goodness that is diet soda, so now that it's being flooded with water it's not sure whether to hang on to it or flush it out, so it's hanging on. Do you think that I'm completely full of crap, or just 50%?

  3. 50 percent, but I'll take it Katie;-)

  4. Thanks Debi...hope you're right!