Thursday, March 11, 2010

Garnier Fructis-Inspired Funk

You might all be wondering what happened to the skunk after last week's post. We hired Dennis the varmint control guy to bring a cage out to our house.  Inside it he placed a tempting can of tuna fish. Apparently skunks like tuna. Well, as you know, so do cats.  And that's exactly what we caught that first night.

Since then, there has been no sight nor sound nor smell of that darned skunk. In consulting with our neighbors across the street this morning, they told me that they had 8 skunk incidents in the first two years that they lived here. They now swear by fox urine, which comes in a concentrated spray that apparently keeps skunks away. At least it has at their house. They gave us a bottle of fox urine to try out. Funny, all I remember borrowing from the neighbors growing up was a cup of sugar.

Fox Urine: Who Knew?

I didn't think much could top the skunk incident from last week. I was wrong. We learned today that our neighbors across the street and two doors down were arrested for murder. Apparently, several cop cars swarmed our street, cornered the two of them and took them away in handcuffs a week ago Saturday.  Apparently it was quite a scene and I don't even know how I missed it given that my daughter and I were home the afternoon it happened.  We must have been engrossed in yet another episode of Little Einsteins.

(Here's a link to the news article in case you're interested:

Unlike the activities in our neighborhood, this week of my weight loss journey has been relatively uneventful.  I haven't gained weight, and I haven't lost weight.  I'm still at a 5.5 pound weight loss, which, considering my diet started two weeks ago, isn't too bad. I have definitely been eating a lot better and I'm feeling really good about that.

I did make a couple of changes this week that have me feeling really great. Not only have I been feeling bummed about my weight, but I've also missed some of the things that have always made me "me."  You see, there was a time, before our son Will (now 9) was born, that I wouldn't be caught dead without fingernail polish on. I have also been known to be a real stickler for using salon-quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products. In fact, I've always thought that if I weren't working in the field I'm in, I would undoubtedly be a hair stylist or a salon owner. Image the deal I would get on pommade!

But, in recent months, I've been furloughed at my job, which has resulted in a 10% pay cut. And our daycare expenses have multipled with the birth of our now 3-year-old daughter. So, about a year ago, I decided to take one for the team. I began using my husband's shampoo -- Garnier Fructis -- and its fortifying cream conditioner companion. And I can't even think of the last time I polished my stubby nails.

It wasn't long before my hair began drying out, despite Garnier's nutritive fruit micro-oils. I began to feel like a frizzy, frazzled, fat mess.

So, this week I decided to take matters into my own hands to get me out of my Garnier Fructis-inspired funk. I got my hair cut and highlighted and, while at the salon, I decided to splurge on Aveda Brilliant shampoo and conditioner. I love the way my hair smells now after I wash it.

I also got my nails done this week. No, not just a manicure, but I actuallly had gel put on my nails and a french manicure spray painted on them. The best part is, I don't have to polish them at all, and they look absolutely beautiful and should last 3-4 weeks. I am in love with my hands right now. They make me feel like such a grown up!

I haven't been this excited about my hands since Christian slipped
my engagement ring on my finger!

To add to my week of pampering, I took today off as a vacation day, along with my friend and co-worker Vineeta. We hung out all day at her place, crocheting items for our shops on  Hers is at and mine is at Vineeta needed a model for some of her items, so I volunteered.  It was a riot! 

Check out my modeling pics featuring her handiwork:

Here's hoping next week's blog post has a little more excitement on the scale and a little less in the neighborhood.


  1. A week without gain is still progress! Congratulations to you on doing something for YOU and indulging in delicious fat-free hair and nail products. Moms forget that we need to do stuff for ourselves once in a while, too. Your modeling photos look gorgeous (and I didn't know Vineeta had an Etsy shop, thanks for the FYI). I recently noticed up here in my neighborhood that there is a place offering Irish step dance classes on Thur nights, "Beginners Welcome." If you were here I would make the two of us go and that could be a new hilarious exercise-focused blog post for your weight-loss journey!

  2. Oh my gosh, Irish dancing that would be so hilarious (and fun)! There's always the Rhyne blog, though:-)