Friday, March 26, 2010

To Where You Are

I got home from work this evening (well actually got home from having my nails done because I have a black tie event to go to this weekend), and after sitting down briefly to watch Lilo & Stitch The Series with my daughter, I decided to get dressed to go to the gym.  Because, after all, I knew I had to write my blog post tonight and I have to make sure I look like I'm committed to working out like I said I would in last week's post.

When I headed down the hall to leave, my daughter asked, "You're wearing your pajamas?"  I explained that they weren't my pajamas and that I was going to the gym.  She asked, "Why are you wearing your pajamas to the gym?"

The truth is, my black workout capris with the white and light blue stripes down the sides have been worn more often while lazing on the couch and, ultimately, to bed than at the gym.  In fact, they haven't entered the Benicia Health & Fitness doors in about eight months.  Even a three-year-old knows that!

And with that, I headed to the gym for the second time this week to work out on the elliptical machine.  Tonight, though, I brought my iPhone in hopes the music would make the time fly by faster than it did when I went earlier in the week.  During that workout session, I was forced to watch "Food Wars," which was playing on gym television.  I've never watched that show before, but judging from the closed captioning, this episode was basically a whole bunch of potbellied men from Texas blind taste-testing barbecue kielbalsa and brisket from a brother's and sister's competing BBQ restaurants.

Somehow, it seemed cruel to have to watch that while working out.  But, then again, seeing all the overweight men in cowboy hats licking their calloused fingers after eating greasy sausage was somewhat motivating for me as I continued on my journey to shed my own potbelly.

My son Will joined me on my first day back at the gym. 
He likes to do the kids' circuit while I workout.

But tonight, I ventured to the gym alone with iPhone in hand and my husband's earphones in my ears because I can never seem to find my own.  I tried to step in time to Keith Urban's "You Look Good in My Shirt" and "run just as fast as I could" to Pink's "Just Like a Pill."  I just LOVE Pink!

It's not pretty, but I took a photo of me with my iPhone while working working out on the elliptical machine.  Just in case you didn't believe that I actually made it inside the gym doors!

And then Josh Groban's "To Where you Are" came on, which is not your typical workout song.  That's one of the songs we used for the video montage at my mom's memorial service in January. She passed away on January 10th after a very long illness.  I miss her.  I think about her a lot, and I remember all the Weight Watchers meetings we used to go to together years ago.  We were both so proud when we reached our goal weight together. 

It was towards the end of my 30-minute workout when Josh's song came on.  At that point, I was getting a little winded, but I seemed to hit my stride when he sang:

I believe that angels breathe and that love will live on and never leave.  Fly me up to where you are beyond a distant star.  I wish upon tonight to see you smile, if only for a while to know you're there.  A breath away's not far to where you are. I know you're there.  A breath away's not far to where you are.

I do believe in signs, but recognize that Josh's song playing on the iPhone was likely just happenstance given that it's one of not many songs on my play list.  Nevertheless, the timing of it all gave me an extra spring in my step and reminded me that mom would be proud of me.  And I'm certain she's rooting me on from heaven as I attempt to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday. 

The good news is the exercising and eating right is working.  I lost another 1 1/2 pounds this week, bringing my total weight loss to 8.5 pounds.  For fun, here's a photo of me just before I started my journey, when I was 8.5 pounds heavier....

and here's a photo of me from today.....

It's not a terribly dramatic change just looking at the picture.  But, I can tell you that I definitely feel better and more in control of my diet.  And my jeans are baggier than they were four weeks ago!


  1. Go Jen! Your blogs are very real and honest. I went to a yoga class at the gym this week to get my own butt in gear, and I was definitely sore afterward! I thought I would be laying on a mat doing deep breathing, but after a series of "moon salutations," my thighs were burning. I am following you from afar!

  2. Moon funny! I tried Yoga once and only once. It's pretty tough. Thanks for following me:-)

  3. Hey Jen, I look forward to reading your blog every week. I myself am trying to loose some of my weight. On January 1st I wrote down my New Years Resolution for about the 40th year, only this time I only resolved to try to lose 5lbs a month so that I could be 40lbs lighter in September when we go on a cruise to Alaska with our kids. Its the end of March and I have lost 13lbs. I am not killing myself for not making the 5lbs this month but I can only tell you how much your blog inspires me and some days gives that extra push I need to keep committed. I often re-read your blog several times just because you have a way about telling your story that keeps me hooked and laughing alot. Keep up the good work. I can see the difference in the pictures from begining to now, "You look marvalous" my spelling is bad so forgive me.

  4. Patty - Thanks so much for your message. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm having fun with it and it's doing a good job at keeping me motivated. Great job with your weight loss as well! Sounds like a good and realistic goal. How fun...a cruise!