Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

There's been a lot of madness going on at our house this March. And I'm not referring to the basketball tournament that my husband is currently watching. 

The saga continues with our quest to find Pepe Le Pew. For two weeks now she has avoided our tuna-laced trap. I bet the possum we caught late last week wishes he were so lucky! Yes, two weeks of skunk hunting and our trap has caught a cat and a possum, the latter of which scared me to death when I discovered it as I approached the canvas-covered trap to strategically reposition it closer to the hole. It wasn't until I was literally right up on it that I noticed its disgusting long tail and pointy little possum nose. Of course, all that happened while my husband and son were enjoying themselves at Spring Training in Arizona, leaving me to coordinate the logistics of a possum pick-up with Dennis the skunk guy.

I'm told our little friend (seen here) is now roaming free somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Hermon.

Fortunately, there has also been a lot of excitement for me on the scale this week! Since I started my challenge four weeks ago, I have lost 7 pounds! That means, I have to lose an average of 1 1/2 pounds per week in order to reach my 40-pound weight loss goal by my 40th birthday on August 15th. It's ambitious, but I think I can do it if I add into the mix the one thing I have been avoiding -- exercising.

I used to be so athletic as a child, and even into my teens. I was on the swim team, and played volleyball, tennis, softball and soccer. I even dabbled in basketball for a season during my freshman year in high school. I scored 16 points that season, and my parents paid $52 for my New Balance high tops. I've always felt they got the short end of that investment. But what I will tell you (and I now realize it might have been a foreshadowing of my struggle with weight), I was the only player to win the coach's challenge -- the first person to make a jump shot gets a hamburger, fries and a milkshake at A&W after the game.

But these days, it seems like there's always an excuse preventing me from getting to the gym. Today's excuse: I have to finish the white crocheted blanket that I sold on my etsy shop yesterday (it's the second such blanket I've sold in three days and have been up until 1 a.m. for three nights in a row crocheting like a madwoman!) That leaves me to excuse number two: I'm tired.

Shameless plug for my etsy shop,
I've sold TWO of these white blankets in three days! 

Whether it's my son's baseball game, a committee meeting for my son's school fundraiser, a necessary trip to the mall to look for a dress for said fundraiser, or getting my nails done, there's always something I'm able to strategically put in the way of working out.  My boss has tried to encourage me to make use of the indoor swimming pool at the college campus where we work.  He, along with other faculty and staff members, swim during their lunch break three days a week.

But for me, there is just something wrong with mixing Speedos and spreadsheets. I just don't think I'd be able to look at my 65-year-old boss the same way after seeing him in goggles and a swimsuit. Nor do I wish to be seen by my colleagues in the patent pending, tummy tucking, makes-you-look-one-size-smaller, one-piece I purchased about 20 pounds ago.

But, now that I am approaching 40, and my metabolism is slowing down further and further with each keystroke, one thing is clear to me.  I'm going to have to put on my "No Whining" tee shirt, which is just long enough to cover my rear, and get myself to the gym.

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  1. Congrats on the 7lbs, I know with exercise
    you can easily meet your goals. Yeah!!!! For the blankets, they are beautiful. No wonder they are selling like hot cakes. Keep your eye on the goal, I am looking forward to you enjoying success.